Административное здание

ул. Студенческая, 27

г. Ханты-Мансийск, Ханты-Мансийский автономный округ — Югра, Студенческий городок area.
Technical expertise of buildings and constructions, Architectural and Construction Design
Architectural and Construction Design, Engineering services
Magazines, Advertising in Mass media.
Service maintenance of oil and gas production companies
Printing services
Website development and maintenance., Printing services, Advertisement designing
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Website development and maintenance., Commercial legal services, Printing services, Accounting services
Financial consulting, Management consulting
1 отзыв
Prefabricated buildings, constructions, Interior finishing and repair, Metal constructions for buildings and facilities
Oil and gas equipment
Smart house system, Engineering systems designing
Scientific research and development
City information web sites, Inquiry and information services, Advertisement designing, Handbooks, Advertising in Mass media.
Architectural and Construction Design, Architecture, engineering and design, Housing development, Overhaul repair and reconstruction servce, Interior finishing and repair
Institutes, Schools of advanced studies
1 отзыв
Video viewing, entryphone installation, selling, IP telephony, installation of security and fire system, Access control systems, alarms and warning systems
Commercial legal services, Printing services, Business-training seminars
Building of detached houses/summer houses, Housing development, Construction of garages
Mechanical engineering, instrumentation, metalwork, electrotechnical industry
Resource centers for non-profit organizations

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